How to Choose the Right Company to Clean Your High Rise Apartment’s Windows

by Jun 18, 2020Blogs

Offices and establishments say a lot about your business, especially for high rise apartment owners. To ensure you attract tenants to stay at your building, you should ensure it is well maintained from top to bottom.  After all, no one knows to have an office at an outdated building, right?

How to Choose the Right Company to Clean Your High Rise Apartment’s Windows

So to keep your tenants happy, hire reliable hire rise apartment cleaners who can do the job for you cost-efficiently. How do you find one?

Here are some tips to remember:

1. Stay Away from Cheap Cleaners


Cheap commercial window cleaning companies cut costs by also compromising the quality of their work through low-class cleaning products, equipment, material and cleaners. So unless you are prepared to immediately hire another cleaner and spend a second time around for someone to do the window cleaning job right, it is best to save time and money looking for licensed and insured high rise apartment window cleaners who can do the job for you PERFECTLY!


2. Get an Estimate and Quote


Get a number of quotes before deciding which window cleaner to pick. This will give you an industry average on how much these window cleaning companies charge. It can easily help you evaluate who amongst them is giving better value for money.

Once done, pick up the phone and schedule an appointment with them. Discuss your needs, requirements and budget for the cleaning project. Do the same with the other companies you have listed.


3. Evaluate

Now that you have gathered your quotes it is time to compare. But what will be your metrics for comparison?

Consider these three:

  • Professionalism
  • Knowledge
  • Reputation

Juxtapose these three with their rate then decide which among these window cleaning companies in South Brisbane you are willing to work with.


4. Ask for Customer Referrals

Are you still unsure? Put that final stamp of approval on your chosen window cleaner by asking for customer referrals.

A company with quality service has good customer referrals and reviews.

If you see a number of satisfied customers recommending their services, then it might be the company you are looking for.


Are you still in search for a reliable commercial window cleaner in South Brisbane? DK Safe Access Solutions have more than 22 years of industry and experience in this area. Call us to get your FREE QUOTE.